1000 cats Icon English page

1,000 CAT photographs and stories needed.

Please tell your friends, and those who love cats.

The idea is to make your cat an original AMC character,

at no The project name is "1,000 Cats Icon Project".

Please put your photo or stories here on the Aloha Mac Creation page or Gmail to ,

along with your cat's name, and why you think your cat is lovely and special.

If you mention your cat details; colors of the meat ball, fur colours and patterns,

it may be reflected in the AMC design.



I lost my favourite cat on May 14th and grieve, so I began this project to encourage myself.

Please show a photograph of your cute cat.

The design which follows will be copyright of AMC,

for personal use or non-commercial purposes.

I firmly decline the sale, transfer, the second distribution without permission.

Thank you for your support.

Aloha Mac Creation Neko co. Owner Maki Yamane 


Any contacts ;


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