Waffle the cat and funs (Eng. page)

Waffle the cat and funs!
I am one of big fun of Waffle the cat, Waffle is so cute and lovely.
My worldwide cats are picked from Waffle's message board which is included Cat's name and details.
Waffle's funs are so nice and very gently, am pleased to make their icons.
Say hello to Japanese cats and owners, please enjoy 1000 cats project, thank you for your support.
Aloha Mac Creatoion Maki Yamane / FB personal name Maccarena Uki 
Here is some frineds who is joined the project,
Thank you Ccino!!
Thank you Silly too!
and more cats are coming soon!
If you are interested making your own cat for 1000 cats icon,
please contact me at: 1000nyanko@gmail.com 

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Posted by Waffles the Cat on 2015年7月17日